Jackson Stein                                                        
Vampire Mafia: San Diego
Something sinister this way comes...and each full moon brings another innocent victim. Ex college professor John Stanic is no stranger to the occult. While he may not have always believed in the supernatural, his recent experience has taught him that evil really does walk among us.
And now they're at it again.
Mariano Borsetti is a bloodthirsty mob-boss, dabbling in the flesh trade by importing young girls from Europe to work in his clubs—or sell to the highest bidder. He'll stop at nothing to grab more power...including the manipulation of the ancient art of black magic. But a covert group of Federal agents are on to his game. Recruited for their sacred knowledge of the occult, John Stanic and his group of friends find themselves as the only hope for the enslaved girls. And possibly humanity itself. The powers of good collide with pure evil in this fasted paced thriller. Make sure to leave a light on when reading the long awaited sequel to Vampire Mafia: Santa Cruz. It'll have you turning pages faster the than you can yell, vampire attack!

Crystal Moon

Ex-Federal agent turned vampire, Samantha Moon, finds herself investigating one of the strangest cases in recent memory. An unsuspecting client finds out he was murdered in a past-life...by one of the most notorious killers in history, Jack the Ripper. Now that same evil entity is back and chasing her client through time, ready to kill again. But the Ripper is no ordinary killer...and he may just be immortal. With help from her best friend, Allison, and boyfriend, Kingsley Fulcrum, Sam delves deeper into the world of black magic than she ever has before to save her client's life. With time running out, the killer closing in, and lives in the balance, can Sam rely on the power of the crystal moon?

(Book #3 of Dracula Rising)

The reigning King of Wallachia is not your average ruler.

Vlad has a darkness inside...one that must never be revealed. Not even to his closest allies.

His secrets threaten to surface when the forbidden book of magic is stolen. Now he must put those he loves in danger to recover the ancient book before it can be used to seed the land with more of the undead...vampires just like him.

Hidden codes are revealed, trusted allies are interwoven with bitter adversaries in this race against time with the future of the world at stake.


(Book #2 of Dracula Rising)

The adventures of Vlad and his close group of friends continue as they fight to protect their home. Loyalty and honor are pushed to the edge as their quest begins again. The much awaited sequel to DRACULA RISING is available now!   

400 years before Bram Stoker put his pen to paper…

Bad things were happening in Transylvania…deadly things. The king of Wallachia joined a secret society with his intentions unknown. That is, until his son, Prince Vlad the third, begins to unravel the ancient mystery. Are these the deeds of a powerful king or something more sinister? Only Vlad can uncover the truth, one that leads to long buried secrets, unexpected journeys, and a future that pits father against son and loyalty against honor. With the fate of humanity in the balance, Vlad finds himself the centerpiece in a supernatural battle…with the lives of the people he loves most at stake.


Mild mannered, UC Santa Cruz professor, John Stanic, wakes up early one morning and walks out into the pre-dawn mist for an invigorating jog. But instead...he’s running for his life. Thrown together with the FBI’s Tommy Valentine, Stanic is suddenly thrust into a seedy underworld he never could have imagined existed. An ancient text leads to the truth about the Santa Cruz mafia and the blood thirsty creatures who have been attacking young women on the sleepy city’s coastline. The supernatural collides with the gritty world of organized crime, and now it’s up to Stanic’s academic knowledge of  the occult to save himself…and those he cares about the most.

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