Jackson Stein                                                        

Vampire Mafia: San Diego... Available Now!

Something sinister this way comes...and each full moon brings another innocent victim. Ex college professor John Stanic is no stranger to the occult. While he may not have always believed in the supernatural, his recent experience has taught him that evil really does walk among us.

And now they're at it again.

Mariano Borsetti is a bloodthirsty mob-boss, dabbling in the flesh trade by importing young girls from Europe to work in his clubs—or sell to the highest bidder. He'll stop at nothing to grab more power...including the manipulation of the ancient art of black magic. But a covert group of Federal agents are on to his game. Recruited for their sacred knowledge of the occult, John Stanic and his group of friends find themselves as the only hope for the enslaved girls. And possibly humanity itself. The powers of good collide with pure evil in this fasted paced thriller. Make sure to leave a light on when reading the long awaited sequel to Vampire Mafia: Santa Cruz. It'll have you turning pages faster the than you can yell, vampire attack!

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